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Forbes magazine featues Switch, Pivot or Quit podcast
Creae & Cultivate featues Switch, Pivot or Quit podcast
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A practical podcast taking an intimate look at navigating career transitions on your own terms for the woman seeking encouragement, inspiration + change in a life filled with demands on who she should be. Sharing stories of women who have learned best practices through personal and professional development resulting in sound advice and actionable tips. Leading the conversations is Host Ahyiana Angel, who successfully switched careers from a sports entertainment publicist to a published author. This is candid convo when you're deciding if you need to Switch, Pivot, or Quit®.


"I absolutely love this podcast." So often I click play and the content fills me with hope, validation, and conviction and gifts listeners with action plan templates for listeners to then tailor to meet individual goals and successfully break down challenges." - Ladawn S. Toon, Esq.

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