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Thank you!

Excited to have you as a guest on the Switch, Pivot or Quit podcast.


It'll be a simple, straight-forward interview with questions designed to highlight your professional expertise and experiences. 


Send your favorite headshot (minimum 1400px wide x 1000px tall) to


This picture will be used as the main image for your interview and social media promotion.

The Interview

Please do your best to participate while in a quiet environment. Also, be sure to place any surrounding devices on silent during the interview.


Zoom Interview Participation Instructions (NO VIDEO, AUDIO ONLY):

*You can join from a PC, Mac, Linux, iOS or Android by clicking this link:  MEETING ID - 343 651 5273

Phone - West (415) 762-9988, East (646) 568-7788 ID: 147 648 363

Potential Questions: 

- As you know, on this show we talk all about the Switch, Pivot or Quit process, can you share with us a bit about your own SPQ experience?

- What would have been useful to know before embarking on your current career path (or business)?

- What does personal-development mean to you and what purpose/role has it served in your life?

- What does success mean or look like for you?

Let's Connect on Instagram!

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Instagram is the primary social media space where our listeners engage with us. We would love for you to tag us in your Instagram caption or stories (@ahyiana.angel) when sharing about your interview on IG! The more that we all share and spread the good news of your interview the more that people will be exposed to and inspired by your story. It's a win for all! ;-)


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