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Podcast: Don't Quit Your Day Job

This week on the Switch, Pivot or Quit podcast, host Ahyiana Angel has a straightforward chat.

Social media makes many feel like the answer to a fulfilling life complete with fabulous vacations, plump pockets and ultimate freedom is quitting that dreaded day job. Our guest Sable B., Founder of, has a suggestion, "Don't Be Stupid; Don't Quit Your Day Job."

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What we're talking about:

  • The observations that prompted Sable B. to write the story

  • Are people teaching their audience how to be an entrepreneur or a multilevel marketer

  • The course that Sable took, which wasn't worth the money

  • We tackle the topic of the 9 to 5 still being real life for many

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"You know you want to be an entrepreneur, but you don't have the slightest inclination of what you want to do. Girl, you don't want to be an entrepreneur, you want a hobby!" - @realbrowngirls

"Can my issues with my current job be resolved with another job, or a pay increase?" - @realbrowngirls

"Do I actually want to work for myself or do I just want greater job flexibility?" - @realbrowngirls

""If you really want to be the pop-star of Wall Street, that's really not happening on your own." - @realbrowngirls

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