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Podcast: Switch, Pivot or Quit Chat with Lizzy Okoro

On this episode of the Switch, Pivot or Quit Chat, host Ahyiana Angel catches up with the ever ambitious and entrepreneurial Lizzy Okoro on the heels of her stepping down as Bunch magazine Editor-in-Chief. Lizzy shares her experience going from a full-time job to owning and running her own magazine, in addition to talking about value proposition in starting a side-hustle and so much more! Find out what’s next for Lizzy as she reveals the name and a few details about her new venture, Yes Rally! Tune in and tap into Lizzy’s wealth of personal and professional knowledge.

What we're talking about with Lizzy:

  • Average start up capital raised by black women

  • How she made a pivot with Bunch magazine to push it to the successful magazine that it is today

  • Her experience with the SquareSpace and Urban Outfitters Doers and Dreamers contest

  • Exploring different careers until you find your it thing

Keep up with Lizzy on IG @lizzyokoro or on her website and you can check out all the newness at Bunch magazine on the site,

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“Maybe I need to leave what’s good right now to pursue what’s great.” - @lizzyokoro

“In the moments when I do feel down or depressed I try my best not to beat myself up about it, I just go through it. I give myself permission to just be sad, or be stressed out or be whatever it is and then look for the solution the next day.” - @lizzyokoro

“I think that people, we’re always reaching for perfection because we’re looking around in this social media Instagram world." - @lizzyokoro

“Nine times out of ten, most people know what they want, they’re just scared to say it, because once they say it, it becomes real.” - @lizzyokoro

“Get that feedback, because sometimes people can see things in you that you don’t even see.” - @lizzyokoro

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