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Live Podcast: Switch, Pivot or Quit Chat with Christine Yun and Roshell Rinkins

We're back with our second live episode of the Switch, Pivot or Quit podcast by Life According To Her! We absolutely enjoy meeting listeners face-to-face and bringing uplifting and powerful conversations to life so thank you to Spotify San Francisco for hosting us once again!

Tune in as we talk to two special guests: Christine Yun, eCommerce Merchandising Manager + Founder of Fashion Blog Trend Envy as well as Roshell Rinkins, Global Business Leader + Founder of Liquid Courage Cosmetics. Imagine this: a room full of ambitious women sharing positive energy, learning from one another and gaining tools to develop personally and professionally.

When you listen through the end of the episode you will truly see why attending the live Switch, Pivot or Quit podcast recording is magical! It's a comfortable, supportive space where women are connecting, sharing ideas and effortlessly building each other up.

Podcast guests:

Roshell Rinkins, Founder of Liquid Courage Cosmetics -

Christine Yun, Creator of Trend Envy Fashion Blog -

If you're in the the San Francisco Bay Area be sure to look out for the next live Switch, Pivot or Quit podcast!

What we're talking about:

  • Successful time management with a side-hustle

  • Advice on where to start with a side-hustle

  • Book recommendations to help you get ahead of the game

  • Allowing yourself the freedom to want to be more than one thing in this life

Keep up with Roshell on IG @liquidcourage_cosmetics and her company Liquid Courage Cosmetics and Christine on her blog Trend Envy or on her Instagram @TrendEnvy.

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“If I’m blessed to be a mother, I’m going to hunt down their teachers and I don’t want them asking what do you want to be when you grow up. I think it starts there, because I think it says you can only be one thing.” - Roshell Rinkins, Founder of @LiquidCourage_Cosmetics

“Everyone has a right to evolve and transform into something better.” - Roshell Rinkins, Founder of @LiquidCourage_Cosmetics

“I don’t love it enough if I’m not willing to go that extra step to become even better at this.” - Christine Yun, Founder, @TrendEnvy

“It wasn’t until I worked at Ebay until I realized, this is my thing!” - Christine Yun, Founder, @TrendEnvy

“What is that one thing that you’re always willing to go the extra mile for…and that’s probably your thing.” - Christine Yun, Founder, @TrendEnvy

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