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Recap: The Plot Twist Planner Series

7 Minute Sunday is a weekly series that serves as a boost for listeners to beat the Sunday blues and help get their mind right to conquer the week ahead. For the last three weeks we've presented a special three part sub-series called The Plot Twist Planner Series in anticipation of the launch of "The Plot Twist Planner: a Switch, Pivot or Quit Guide to Personal Change for Professional Gain." Host Ahyiana Angel walked listeners through the pillars of making a Switch, Pivot or Quit: Acknowledge, Assess and Act. If you're looking to make a step toward a Switch, Pivot or Quit of your own, catch up on the series and download the Plot Twist Journal.

Listen to all three episodes below:

Part 1: 7 Minute Sunday - The Plot Twist Planner Series: Acknowledgement + Self Awareness

Part 2: 7 Minute Sunday - The Plot Twist Planner Series: Assess + Self-Knowledge

Part 3: 7 Minute Sunday - The Plot Twist Planner Series: Taking Action

What we’re talking about:

  • Self-awareness

  • Self-knowledge

  • Accountability + Action

Eager to get started with your personal Switch, Pivot or Quit? Click here and download your Plot Twist Journal now!

“Coasting through life will only last but so long, and it will not allow you to reach maximum capacity happiness.” - @SwitchPivotorQuit

“When you keep jumping from thing to thing or idea to idea it may be because the clarity is not there for who you are and what really makes you tick..” - @SwitchPivotorQuit

“The most common thing that I hear now is "I don't know where to start!" The answer is simple. Start with you.” - @SwitchPivotorQuit


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