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Podcast: Transitioning from Corporate to Local Gov with Elizabeth Redman Cleveland

On this episode of the Switch, Pivot or Quit podcast, host Ahyiana Angel chats with Elizabeth Redman Cleveland who is a Chief Strategist of Sustainable Growth for the City of Berkeley, CA where she designs policies and programs to ensure socially and environmentally-responsible growth within Berkeley. She is a seasoned professional who is chatting with us about her big pivots in life for love and business, adapting to international living, creating opportunities for Berkeley, CA to compete with Silicon Valley as a whole and transitioning from Corporate America to local government.

Website Link: Women Entrepreneurs of Berkeley


What we’re talking about:

  • Putting yourself in a place where the opportunities that you seek will present themselves

  • How to push past your perceived limits

  • How she navigated speaking up in a situation that could have caused her to be fired

  • How we define ourselves

  • Moving for love and adjusting to a new environment abroad

  • Creating opportunities for economic development in local communities

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“Every woman has a story to tell and it’s so important for all of us to not define ourselves as one thing always and forever.” - Elizabeth Redman Cleveland

“If I don’t stand up for what I really want to be doing and for the type of work that I thought I would see myself enjoying and excelling at, then I’m never gonna get there.” - Elizabeth Redman Cleveland

“You don’t have to always be doing what you’re already good at or what you’ve had experience doing before but you have to believe in yourself and you have to be willing to wait out that tough period and not throw the towel in too early.” - Elizabeth Redman Cleveland


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