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From revamping your LinkedIn to working through your new business idea, do you need to talk it through with someone who understands your ambition, someone who can be a quality sounding board while offering strategic insights? 

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60 Minutes Session

A one-on-one session with Ahyiana gives you access to a seasoned business professional, strategist and idea expert who has helped countless people with her insight and hybrid of consulting + coaching. 

Book your session today to talk through your ideas or plans and get thoughtful advice and direction in the following areas:

Personal + Professional Development

  • Brainstorming the perfect pivot

  • Positioning your personal brand

  • Identifying what you really want​

  • Tools to uncover your next professional move

  • Discovering what's holding you back


  • Q+A on how to start a podcast

  • Turning your blog into a profitable podcast

  • How to monetize any podcast

Book publishing  

  • Traditional publishing steps​​

  • Self publishing process

  • ​How to market + promote your book

Public relations 

  • How to pitch + land quality publicity 

  • Dominating digital marketing

  • Building an appealing brand image

  • Growth social media strategy

*Please note prices are subject to increase without notice. Act now!

Prior to creating SPQ, I spent the previous 10 years working in entertainment PR from Los Angeles to New York, with the most recent position being in sports entertainment PR in NYC: I managed everything from large scale NBA All-Star red carpets in Los Angeles to arranging media interviews and photo shoots for high profile athletes and executives.

But then I made a decision that changed my life forever, I quit. I successfully changed careers.

Okay, let me back up a bit first.

I started to look around at other people, careers, and anything that I could find to help me try and make sense of my feelings of being discontent.
When I think back, my side-hustle probably assisted in my realization that I was capable of more. It was the spark that started the journey to living life on the other side, happy!
During my corporate career I co-created a jewelry line that provided me opportunities to plan photo shoots, do brand design, product development and even the amazing experience of seeing Beyoncé and Alicia Keys rock my designs in addition to them being featured in the pages of Vogue magazine.
I decided that I wanted to be like the people that I worked with through my side-hustle, I wanted to enjoy my work.

Morocco Exploration

Visiting Marrakesh, Morocco was a cultural experience filled with plenty of first times including a bumpy camel ride in the desert.



My very first grainy selfie with the Eiffel Tower in Paris just as I saw it light up for the first time at night while walking solo along the Seine River. This was a truly magical moment for me, I felt so free.

  • They had clarity, determination, optimism and a fearless approach with success
  • They created their lives, they were not letting life just happen to them
  • They mastered their strengths and got paid their worth 
  • They didn't fantasize about escaping their life, they were living it (from luxe vacations to spa days on a whim) 
  • They got to do the most interesting and compelling work
  • They seemed to be making twice the money that I was
  • They didn't despise going to work, they loved their work and would even do it for free
  • They walked around with the confident swag of people who knew their purpose because they were operating in it

​How did they figure out what they wanted to do in life?
What did these people know that I didn’t?
I'll be honest, it took me a few years before I figured out the answers. And you better believe that I made some self-doubting mistakes and learned plenty of lessons along the way. 
But once I cracked the code, there was no stopping me and I have plenty of goodness to share with you!

From Unsure and Unfulfilled

Before my Switch, Pivot or Quit journey started. Sitting at my former 9-to-5 doing what publicists do best, chatting on the phone. I used to spend my morning walks to work trying to figure out my next move in life.

To Clarity and Winning!

After some serious personal development work and 9 months of writing I identified my new professional direction. Within 4 months of leaving my 9-to-5 I had a traditional book publishing deal and I was on my way to London! This was just after my book was released nationwide, available in big box retail like Target and Walmart. 

S. B-Dubose

The call was right on time and much needed. It added a lot of value to my current state of mind and challenged me to dig deeper and get to the bottom of everything. I really appreciate you and the questions that you asked, and know that you have equipped me with the tools to dig even deeper and get started with more clarity. Thank you.

They Worked With Me

K. Cotton

Almost five months later from our last email and I received and accepted a job offer from Shondaland [Shonda Rhimes production company]. I really want to thank you because I don't even think you realize the impact your podcast and your story have had on me. Things in my life have started to change through prayer, self-awareness, and GETTING STILL. Thank you so much. Im switching, pivoting, and quitting all at once and it's amazing! 

T. Fields

I literally just worked up the courage to press send on the email to the CEO I mentioned to you. Now that I've got the nervousness out of my system, I can send emails to other CEOs too! Thanks for the session and for helping me to "shoot my shot." I'll keep you posted!

Comfortable home office

"The greater danger 

for most of us lies not 

in setting our aim too 

high and falling short,

but in setting our aim 

too low, and achieving our mark.”


- Michelangelo

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If you feel like you have more to offer but you're stuck on how to share your skills with the world, let's chat!

Sign up to work with me one-on-one today to strategize on your professional goals, create plans and breakout into your greatness! 

Ahyiana Angel


You will have access to the insight, actionable items and seasoned practical advice that has guided countless professional women through transformation from where they were to where they wanted to be.  

​We can also uncover your authentic desires, get into strategic brainstorming and goal planning to prepare you for maximum advancement personally and professionally.


Just one chat with Ahyiana has garnered results beyond expectation! 

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Straight talk, no fluff plus real actionable solutions. During your session you will experience a unique mix of coaching and consulting in, but not limited to, the following areas:

  • Business brainstorming

  • Brand positioning 

  • Social media growth tactics

  • Direction on developing your podcast

  • Turning podcasting into profit questions

  • Digital brand review (website, LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter)

  • Book publishing

  • Personal development tips + solutions

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