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Podcast: Queen Boss Centric TV Ep 3 Recap

This week on the podcast, host Ahyiana Angel breaks down the noteworthy bits from season one, episode three of the new Centric TV reality series, Queen Boss. Slated for an eight episode run, the show features eighteen Black businesswomen who will put their product, potential and passion to the test. The catch, only one will walk away with the $25,000 cash prize and the title of ‘Queen Boss.’

This week we witnessed pitches from the below women!

Episode Contestants:

*Images via @CentricTV Instagram

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What we're talking about:

  • Is the story more important than the product?

  • Is it better as a for profit company or a non-profit?

  • What's in the box?!

  • If you try the business idea once and it doesn't produce grand revenue, is it worth trying it a second time?

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