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Podcast: Being Popular on Social Media is Like Being Rich in Monopoly Money

Daily, people experience social media envy, which sparked popular YouTuber Miss Kris to declare that "Being popular on social media is like being rich in monopoly money." Her comment, posted on the @SwitchPivotorQuit Instagram, sent the comments section a buzz. Host, Ahyiana Angel, gains insight from Miss Kris and seasoned blogger Danielle Gray on what it takes to be a social media influencer, cultivating an audience, and the benefits of having a small social media following. You don't want to miss this chat on the business of social media and more where the ladies keep it candid.

Danielle Gray -

Miss Kris -

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What we're talking about:

  • Insights on the game of social media influence

  • The importance of cultivating an audience

  • Is authenticity and simplicity the next phase of blogging and social media?

  • We tackle the topic of the 9 to 5 still being real life for many

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"It's like walking around the mall with a fake Louie Vuitton purse, it looks good but it has no real value." - @misskristagram

"Susie has a million followers, but let's say 650,000 of them are guys that are there to only look at Susie's booty!" - @stylenbeautydoc

"Your followers and all of that sort of clout is fake because you're not able to capitalize off of it..." - @misskristagram

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