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Recap: The Plot Twist Planner Series

7 Minute Sunday is a weekly series that serves as a boost for listeners to beat the Sunday blues and help get their mind right to conquer the week ahead. For the last three weeks we've presented a special three part sub-series called The Plot Twist Planner Series in anticipation of the launch of "The Plot Twist Planner: a Switch, Pivot or Quit Guide to Personal Change for Professional Gain." Host Ahyiana Angel walked listeners through the pillars of making a Switch, Pivot or Quit: Acknowledge, Assess and Act. If you're looking to make a step toward a Switch, Pivot or Quit of your own, catch up on the series and download the Plot Twist Journal.

Listen to all three episodes below:

Part 1: 7 Minute Sunday - The Plot Twist Planner Series: Acknowledgement + Self Awareness

Part 2: