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Podcast - How To Go From 9 to Thrive with Mandy Ansari

We’re chatting with Mandy Ansari this week! She’s an entrepreneur and Founder of the 9 to Thrive™️ social agency. As a marketing consultant who loves beauty, style and tech, Mandana works with companies and individuals to help garner stellar digital and social growth. This amazingness of a woman has always been an over achiever having finished grad school and served as a school principal at just twenty years old! Since making her SPQ she’s worked for companies like Rodan & Fields and Bumble in addition to running a successful blog, Girl & The Bay. We dig into topics like mental health, finances, and JOMO (joy of missing out!). Plus listen until the end because that’s when Mandy shares how she lost out on money for simply not asking and she shares how she started working with a talent manager. Buckle up because this is a very full and juicy chat!

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