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Podcast - Get Purposeful with Jennifer Dulski, Head of Groups & Community at Facebook

We’re speaking with Jennifer Dulski, Head of Groups & Community, Facebook as well as the author of Purposeful: Are You a Manager or a Movement Starter? Prior to Facebook, Jennifer was president & COO of The one-time high school teacher was also an early Yahoo! employee and led a business unit there as group VP and GM of Local and Marketplaces. Jennifer shares how one person can be a movement starter, how she tackled the writing process and so much more!

What we talked about:

  • Why Jennifer does not think that we should be fearless

  • How to always add value

  • How Facebook helps empower community managers of Facebook groups

  • How to make writing a fiction book approachable

  • Where you can get started if you have an idea for impact

  • How to navigate negativity and not so supportive feedback

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